Why EurthLED ?

  • Eco Friendly

    Compared to traditional incandescents, energy-efficient lightbulbs such as halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light emitting diodes (LEDs) have the following advantages: Typically use about 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescents, saving you money.

  • Durability

    LED light is a tiny chip encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure, which makes LEDs far sturdier than traditional incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Since LEDs don’t use fragile components such as glass and filaments, LEDs are able to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperature.

  • Energy Efficient

    LEDs are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. Since LEDs use only a fraction of the energy of an incandescent light bulb there is a dramatic decrease in power costs. Also, money and energy is saved in maintenance and replacement costs due to the long LED lifespan.

Traditional Vs Contemporary Lighting

Traditional Vs Contemporary Lighting

Ceiling lights can enhance and complement the traditional walls effectively.  Ceiling lights create an aura in your personal space. Eurth’s ceiling downlights add the much needed taste and style to your homes. These ceiling downlights are also used to highlight the precious objects in your rooms. You can set your home ambience to your required mood and tempo with our versatile range of ceiling lights. The sleek design of our ceiling lights will enhance the interior décor while the soothing light would make the experience pleasurable. The tilt-able options allow you to highlight precious wall-hangings or paintings as well as other important areas within your living space.

Not only are the LEDs 85% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, they produce less heat. This saves additional money on your electricity bill as you’ll spend less AC trying to cool a room that your light bulbs are busy heating up. Once the power is out to the room, it can take less than two minutes to install your new LED downlight.

Since LEDs have much longer lifespans than other bulbs, lasting up to TEN times longer, they will very rarely have to be replaced, saving you the time and energy of purchasing another light bulb for years to come.